To the Editor:

Thank you to all of you who voted “yes” for our children and Mounds View Public Schools by supporting the bond referendum. Thanks also to the Neighbors United volunteers who worked tirelessly as champions for our children.

We are fortunate enough to have some of the best public schools in the state. As a mother of two Mounds View Public Schools students, I can personally attest to the high quality of education offered in our district. Strong public schools attract families and increase property values, making our community a better place for everyone.

With your vote in support of the bond, much needed improvements will be made in our schools. Most of our schools are occupied beyond 100 percent capacity and enrollment is projected to increase. When my children attended Turtle Lake Elementary School, I saw children working in hallways due to lack of space. Now, we are able to add permanent classroom space throughout the district, relieving overcrowding and avoiding temporary solutions like portable classrooms and trailers.

In addition to adding space to our schools, the bond allows Mounds View Public Schools to make some much-needed updates to school buildings, which are 57 years old on average. Improving this aging infrastructure is responsible and necessary.

Finally, your “yes” vote allows schools to properly address student safety and security. Some of the buildings in the district, including my son’s middle school, do not have secure entrances.

Again, thank you to everyone who voted “yes” for Mounds View Public Schools

Kelly Moller, Shoreview